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Thursday, 16 April 2020 13:55

Survey Request for Toronto Small Businesses & Landlords

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Wexford Heights BIA Business Members,

We want to hear from you!!

Toronto Association of  Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) have been have been working closely with many BIAs’ across Toronto to voice the needs of small businesses and challenges you are all facing in light of COVID-19.

TABIA has put together a quick survey to get a pulse of who was able to make April’s rent and what challenges you foresee in the coming months. Please take a moment to complete this survey – it shouldn’t take more then 2 minutes– your input is very important to help understand how Toronto small businesses are doing and to push accurate recommendations and findings to all levels of government thru their advocacy efforts.  We also ask that you forward this email to your landlord so that he/she may participate in this survey as well.

As the needs of landlords and small business owners are different, two similar but separate surveys have been created. If you are a business who owns your own building, you can decide which to complete (or respond to both if you feel it’s applicable).


Tenants/Small Business:

Thank you,


Linda Raeside