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Wexford Heights BIA was formed in 2004 by Councillor Michael Thompson (Councillor-Ward 37, Scarborough Centre) who felt that there was a need to bring the business community and the residential community together to create a neighbourhood that would be a great place to live, work and play.

 The Wexford Heights BIA has created a real sense of pride in the community, not only through the Taste of Lawrence Festival but also by initiating, in conjunction with the City of Toronto, a major streetscaping program that will revitalize the area.

There are more than 245 business members that form the Wexford Heights BIA who are governed by a Board-of-Directors. This is truly a vibrant community and the most multi-culturally diverse area of the Greater Toronto Area. With so many cultural groups making Scarborough their home, this area is rich in restaurants that cook-up a variety of food from every corner of the world. Just a drive along Lawrence Avenue East (The Wexford Area) and you can see, shop and taste items from many cultures.

Its our neighbourhood…we invite you to come and experience it!