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Monday, 01 June 2020 16:04

We need your feedback!!

Today is the start of week 12 of the shutdown and it is June 1st - rent day.  I would hope that all of our members (tenants and landlords) have been able to discuss and come to agreements regarding this month's rent payments.  With the opening of the CECRA program last week, we’ve been asked to conduct a third survey to get your feedback on this program and the other programs available to assist with funding for small business owners.  

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey - there are two links below: one for tenants and one for landlords. I would ask that you also circulate this email to your landlords. The information collected from these surveys is vital in helping us to better advocate on your behalf.

The survey will close this Wednesday, June 3 at noon.  You will see that this survey is once again being circulated to all BIAs in the city and this time it will also be circulated to small businesses and landlords in the Cities of Ottawa and Guelph in order to give a better perspective of what’s happening in other areas of the province.

We appreciate you taking the time to assist us with this survey. 

Here are the links: