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Attention: Wexford Heights BIA Business MembersIn light of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, it was the decision of the Wexford Heights BIA’s Board of Management to cancel this year`s Taste of Lawrence Festival. The event to resume in July 2021.
The health and safety of all concerned is the upmost importance to the Wexford Heights BIA as we all do our best to get through this crisis together.

Thursday, 24 January 2019 07:00

Grow Your Business with Instagram


Helping Main Street Go Digital

Grow Your Business with Instagram

With the Shopify Academy's newest course offering, whether you use Instagram daily or are just getting started, this course will make sure you’re thinking about Instagram with a business mindset.

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The Ultimate Guide to Web Design for Beginners

Building a website has never been easier with the introduction of templates, AI design assistants and drag and drop website builders.


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Small Business, Big Impact: 5 Lessons Learned From Growing Canadian Businesses (Think with Google)

1) Use digital to make distance disappear.
2) Don't be afraid to start from scratch.

3) Spend and save money where it matters.
4) Find creative ways to tell your story.
5) Make the most of your data.


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How to Launch Your Store Online with Shopify (Free Event)

???? Jan 29th ????80 Spadina Ave, Toronto

Are you a main street business owner looking to go digital? Do you own a brick and mortar store but want to sell online? 

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Website Building for Beginners Boot Camp

???? Jan 31 ????NYCC

Learn the easy way to build a #website - do it right the first time and save money! 

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