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Wednesday, 16 January 2019 07:48

Enterprise Toronto Update: Digital Transformation Grant Program Interest Ramps Up Fast – Apply Today!

Digital Transformation Grant Program Interest Ramps Up Fast – Apply Today!

It was announced today that more than 1,000 Ontario small main street businesses have started the qualification process for a Digital Transformation Grant.

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ACBN – Legacy Building Symposium

This Symposium will not only focus on current business issues and best practices, but also provide practical tools, tips and techniques to use right away.

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Parallels with the Bay Area Drawing Tech Talent Back to Toronto

After leaving Toronto to chase their careers to the high-tech cradle of the San Francisco Bay Area, Melissa Jewison and Abhinav Gupta, separately, were wooed back by Toronto by the city’s meteoric technology scene, taking posts at enterprise level network security solutions provider BlueCat.

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Move Your Small Business Forward With Microsoft

If your company’s ready for new possibilities, decreased costs, and increased revenue, we’ll help you make more time for your personal life. Adopt new ideas and technologies, and invent new ways of running your business. Achieve more for your business with new technology.

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National Network Led by Ryerson Builds Support for Women Entrepreneurs

Canadian women are the most active entrepreneurs in the world with more women starting businesses than any other country, but barriers exist that can impede their success. Now, they stand to benefit from a new national network of knowledge and tools being created to support them and future women entrepreneurs to come.

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