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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 17:09

Learn how a local business used their digital footprint to attract new customers


Supercoffee uses digital footprint to entice out-of-towners to Mount Dennis neighbourhood

Supercoffee owner Cassandra Nicolaou is constantly striving to find new ways to engage customers and digital media has played a major role.
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How wireless technology is transforming independent retail

Boost your business by adopting some of the strategies and tactics of large retailers

Cybersecurity for your business webinar

Data security is a major threat to businesses of all sizes. Watch this on-demand webinar to understand the risks your business faces and learn what steps to take to protect yourself & your customers.
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The City of Toronto's 2018 Small Business Money Forum is taking place next week at City Hall. They've got a great line-up, including successful restauranteur Jenn Agg and the founder of Second Cup, Frank O'Dea. Plus there will be an afternoon of tactical workshops focused on helping entrepreneurs.

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Using Technology to Improve Productivity

In today’s digital era, the pace of business is faster than ever before. There’s more partners to meet, more competitors to beat, more customers to attract, and more ways to reach them... but no more hours in the day. 

80% of small businesses in Canada agree that technology has positively impacted employee productivity, and 76% believe that technology has made it easier for employees to get more work done.

How exactly can technology help a person be more efficient and productive? In this session, we’ll show you 8 ways productivity technology can help you work smarter, so you can do more with your day.

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Email Marketing Boot Camps

Did you know that 2.4 million emails are sent every second worldwide, but most of them are never opened? Whether you are just getting started in business or you are a seasoned business owner, email is still the most cost effective and powerful marketing tool that can significantly increase profitability of your business. By attending this seminar, you will understand how to design and implement an effective email marketing strategy and provide engaging email content that gets delivered, opened, read and acted upon.

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