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Wednesday, 14 March 2018 17:28

Running a business in 2018—and what you need to know about change

Running a business in 2018 - and what you need to know about change

Struggling with change? There is a lot of discussion among business owners about the modern workplace, and the idea that where and how we work has changed. This change is a result of the realities of the workforce–we’re more diverse in age, as an example–and the role that technology plays in helping us to get our jobs done

As Toronto's Eglinton Corridor Faces Massive Change, Entrepreneurs Look to Tech

In any business, there comes a time when its founder must change their thinking in order to get to the next level. Sometimes that’s due to market forces, other times to the natural pains of scaling. For businesses in Toronto’s rapidly-changing Eglinton Corridor, thinking differently has become a way of life.

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Mastercard’s Masterpass tackles small business painpoints

After a restaurant client identified pain points surrounding the time it took for clients to get and pay their bill, Mastercard developed Qkr, the pay-at-table app to streamline the process and help small businesses do what they do best without the hang up.

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DX3 -  March 7-8

Canada's leading technology, digital marketing and retail event, is fast approaching and we’d love to to see you there. This year’s conference, happening March 7-8, 2018, at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, will feature thought-provoking sessions from companies and brands including Amazon, Snapchat, Google, Uber, Element AI and many more! 

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Social Media Boot Camp Webinar – March 26

Social media is a blessing and a curse for today’s businesses. Not understanding how to use social media effectively for your business can leave you overwhelmed and ultimately hurt your bottom line as your potential clients easily find your competitors. Knowing how to leverage the power of social media will help you grow your client base, increase profits and cut down the marketing cost. 

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